Diode Array Spectroscopy Software

For acquisition and processing of spectral data, tec5 offers a full software stack from driver along with several software development kits [SDK] up to a number of application programs. The spectrometers and spectral sensor electronics primarily collect data and manage their transfer to the host computer [PC]. Measurement data are processed in the PC by suitable mathematical algorithms like e.g. chemometry, color evaluation, layer thickness processing or by proprietary processing of the customer. Also, the spectrometers are controlled, parameterized and supervised by the host PC.

tec5 spectroscopy software products are offered for current Windows platforms. They are operational in Windows Vista and the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and 8. 
Refer to the applicable product information sheet for detailed compatibility of the software products.

Windows Device Drivers are required for systems based on tec5 USB or PCIe interface electronics.

Software Development Kits [SDKs] offered by tec5 allow to implement custom software quickly and easily. Available at different abstraction levels of spectral data, the SDKs support various development environments and programming languages.

In addition to data acquisition and processing and a variety of optional modules, our process software MultiSpec Pro II enables our customers to easily implement spectrometer systems in diverse measurement tasks. Custom modifications, like e.g. modules for data evaluation or processing, may be implemented as well as custom GUIs.
For additional operating systems like VxWorks, Linux, QNX or similar, tec5 ported software in the context of specific projects for successful application by customers.
Please contact us,
if you require solutions beyond the standard software products or if you intend to use an operating system other than Windows.
We will be glad to consult you or to offer support or development services by our engineers.