tecSaaS – Spectrometer as a Sensor

Spectrometer Becomes a Smart Sensor

tecSaaS [tec5‘ Spectrometer as a Sensor] is a modular embedded platform for OEMs, which is the perfect basis for a fast and cost efficient realization of robust, stand-alone sensors for operation in production, machinery and on-site. The data of UV-VIS-NIR spectral sensors is processed directly in real-time by the system and only process relevant results are sent to the process interface. No separate [Windows] PC is needed for normal operation; all the well-known disadvantages such as IT insecurity, instability, downtime, as well as maintenance and update costs are not an issue anymore.

A wide selection of powerful hardware and firmware modules is available to custom-assemble optimized solutions for various applications. In addition to classical spectral data evaluation tecSaaS offers complex algorithms such as chemometrics, FFT, as well as the definition of customized mathematical processing using the integrated formula parser.

The initial setup and monitoring of the tecSaaS unit is very comfortable, using the MPT PC software and an Android App.This allows a fast time-to-market of OEM projects from the idea up to a stand-alone serial system without PC, starting even at smaller quantities.

tecSaaS Embedded Spektroskopie Spectroscopy


  • A wide choice of sensor technologies is supported, such as UV–VIS–NIR and Raman spectral sensors and photometers
  • Process integration can be realized using e.g. Modbus/TCP, CAN, ISOBUS and other process interfaces
  • High performance is reached by a lean real-time operating system [RTOS] combined with optimized firmware for fast data processing and dedicated timing
  • Modular software [firmware] architecture provides:
    • flexible choice of functions and parameterization
    • integration of customer specific add-on modules [special “build”]
    • proprietary processing modules [algorithms] can be integrated as binary code
  • A chemometrics software is available – the online predictors use the same models as created for the PC program
  • By parameterization of software instead of programming a fast and efficient project realization is possible, using the MPT PC software and an Android App

“Designed for Real Time Embedded Spectroscopy”