tec5 - Technology Partner for the Quality Control of Food

The quality measurement of food is an important application for tec5. Leading instrument manufacturers and system integrators use tec5 technology to design high-end measuring systems for industrial applications in the production and sorting of e.g. fruits and meat products. tec5 focuses on OEM business in this market.

Quality Control in the Slaughterhouse


tec5 technology is used in a new on-line NIR based instrument for determining depth profiles of fatty acid composition in porcine fat tissue. The new NitFom system from Carometec in Denmark represents a breakthrough in bringing analysis of fat quality to work directly on the kill floor. The NitFom allows the slaughterhouse to manage and control fat quality in relation to all aspects of pork (or beef) production. The instrument provides producers with a valuable tool for an intelligent feedback system on feeding regimes.

The NitFom probe is connected to a tec5 MultiSpec NIR 2.2tc system by fibre optics. High performance and stability requirements and the necessity for customization with a fast time-to-market were the decisive points to finally decide for tec5 as system supplier.

Fruit Sorting


The quality measurement of fruits in sorting machines is one of the main applications of the fast and high sensitive spectrometer technology of tec5.
Several manufacturers of sorting machines rely on tec5 products to look at the inner quality of fruits in milliseconds. Internal browning, sugar content and ripeness can be calculated from spectral data using chemometrical tools and the product can be classified accordingly. Our technology guarantees that only first-class products reach the consumer.

Fat Content in Meat

In the production of meat products, there are legal requirements that need to be met. An important parameter in meat quality control is the fat content. Using tec5 NIR technology, the fat content can be directly measured in the mixer and corrections can be made during mixing process. This ensures a cost efficient production process and a consistent quality level. tec5 supplies the necessary spectrometer components to various OEM customers for this and similar applications.